Mindfulness meditation is the intentional mental training that empowers us to direct our attention to the present moment. It helps support understanding how we participate in our experiences without reflexively reacting, and instead, we might engage in more thoughtful and wise responses. Mindfulness is responsive rather than reactive.

We can better understand the existential complexity of mortality, freedom, responsibility, and meaning by refining our intuitive perception. We can uncover authenticity as mindfulness is a road that leads to wisdom. You have begun your journey.

Group courses generally run for two weeks (10 days) M-F from 10 am ET / 7 am PT.
I offer individual meditation courses and sessions as well.

Before the course

  1. Browse these two essays before the course begins on Monday.

  2. Prepare your meditation space.

        • Dimly lit indoor space.

        • Cushion or chair to sit in an upright posture.

        • Loose and comfortable clothing.

  3. Make sure your Zoom settings are current.

  4. Log in using a computer. If you don't have another option, a tablet or phone will work.

  5. Use earbuds or headphones.

Meditation Bowls

Temple Sounds for Meditation